Get to Know BigPicture Better! Check Out Our Free Webcasts this Week and Next

BigPictureAre you curious about BigPicture?  Here’s your chance to learn more.  First, if you haven’t already, download it for free, and get acquainted! Still, as with any new piece of software, it can often feel like you’re just scratching the surface. We want to help you get the most from our tool, and can guarantee there are applications, shortcuts, and tips that can make your experience even more powerful and fun. If you didn’t get a chance to join us last week, here are a few more webcasts that we will be hosting:

  • Thursday, January 22nd – 10pm GMT/UTC – Register Now
    2pm PST Pacific Standard Time
    5pm EST Eastern Standard Time
    11pm CET Central European Time
    9am AEST on January 23rd – Australiand Eastern Daylight Time
  • Friday, January 23rd – 5pm GMT/UTC – Register Now
    9am PST Pacific Standard Time
    12noon EST Eastern Standard Time
    6pm CET Central European Time
  • Wednesday, January 28th – 3pm GMT/UTC – Register Now
    7am PST Pacific Standard Time
    10am EST Eastern Standard Time
    4pm CET Central European Time

We’ll show you how BigPicture works, and how it can aid in strategic planning, human resource analysis, data exploration, and more. You’ll get a walk-through of how to set up a BigPicture diagram (or “map”), and illustrate several real-world examples of different applications.

After seeing how simple and flexible BigPicture is, you’ll be able to start trying it out on your own data and ideas!









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