Build a Better Organizational Chart

Organizational charts are an indispensable tool for large businesses and their HR managers.  But building them can be tiresome and time-consuming, and viewing them can be just as unwieldy.

BigPicture, the mapping and diagramming add-in for Microsoft Excel, specializes in creating elegant and easy-to-build org charts right from your spreadsheet data.  Simply create a table that lists your organization’s employee names and two columns that specify employee-supervisor relationships:


Each employee has a title and a supervisor, with the exception of the organization leader, who has no supervisor (the organization leader is the root topic in the chart).  The data set can have other information about employees as well.

You can grab employee pictures that correspond with the staff in the datasheet, and have them automatically uploaded to your corresponding org chart.  Next, define ranges, and add markers or calculations if you so choose.  After that, all you have to do is click the “Create Chart” button to see your information mapped out:



You can view all the info at once, as pictured above, or drill down to see only certain relationships:


Want to start exploring BigPicture’s org chart capabilities?  Try it for free here, and check out our thorough step-by-step guide on how to build your own org chart.


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