Summarize Data Visually with Rollup Calculations in a Data Map

BigPicture allows us to visualize complex information at a glance, and drill down for more detail by expanding topics. Rollup calculations help to summarize valuable data into an easy-to-digest manner. Rollup calculations can be used in data maps, linked maps, and org charts.

In the below data mapUnits Sold and Profit numbers are rolled up for each topic on the map. This lets us see easily what the numbers are for each region, and each year.


This is what the original data looked like:


We set three levels of grouping, first by year, then by region, and then by (product) category. We then selected the end topics, including the desired rollup calculations.


That’s how we got the concise and easily graspable map shown above.

For more detail about this feature, see What are rollup calculations? in the Help Manual.

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