Tomorrow: Attend a Free Webinar to Learn BigPicture!

Register now to learn mind mapping, diagramming, and organizational charts right in Excel, with BigPicture!

  • Wednesday, April 8th – 10am EDT – Register Now
    7am PDT | 10am EDT | 2pm UTC/GMT | 3pm BST | 4pm CEST | 7:30pm IST
  • Friday, April 17th – 12 noon EDT – Register Now
    9am PDT | Noon EDT | 4pm UTC/GMT | 5pm BST | 6pm CEST | 9:30pm IST
  • Thursday, April 23rd – 8pm EDT – Register Now
    April 24th: 8am AWST | 10am AEST | 12noon NZS

We’ll show you how BigPicture works, and how it can aid in strategic planning, human resource analysis, data exploration, and more. You’ll get a walk-through of how to set up a BigPicture diagram (or “map”), and illustrate several real-world examples of different applications. Questions and comments welcome.

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