BigPicture Example Series: Sales with Possible Competitor Entry

In the BigPicture Example Series, we’ll show you different ways you can make BigPicture work for you.  You can check out all these example files with your copy of the BigPicture software, which you can download here. Get BigPicture today and start playing with these fun and informative example models. The possibilities are limitless.

The BigPicture Sales with Possible Competitor Entry map  illustrates a company’s analysis of product sales with many uncertainties. The  map is designed to help the company understand the various aspects of the problem, including the inputs to the problem (monetary values and other inputs); the decisions involved; any uncertainties, and important outputs. Each of these is represented by a topic (an object of some color and shape), and the topics are connected logically by arrows to show what affects what.

sales competitor entry 1

Normally, problems like this one are represented, and solved numerically, by Excel tools and possibly add-ins such as Palisade’s @RISK simulation add-in. However, a map like the one shown here is useful as a preliminary step to a formal analysis. It lets company analysts see the important issues in the problem and how they are related.

sales competitor entry 2

Check out the full example model in BigPicture’s ‘Example Spreadsheets’ section under the Help menu:

BP example files location

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