Case Study: First Principles Consulting Improves Operations for Mining Clients with BigPicture

Mining is a significant primary industry and contributor to the Australian economy. First Principles Consulting focuses on improving management and operational effectiveness for clients in the mining sector.

First Principles helps clients put systems in place that enable managers to do their jobs more efficiently, from the operational level to mid-management to the C-suite. An effective approach will have everyone participating in a similar process of planning and getting work done, and then checking and adjusting plans to suit.

As part of the process of making an effective management plan, Patrick Mullen of FPC creates Value Driver Trees using BigPicture.


“Previously I drew the Value Driver Trees with great difficulty using the drawing tools in Excel –grabbing cells, highlighting, and putting boxes around them,” explains Mullen. “It was an enormous job.”

The finished product would be a fairly static map with no linked data. All future adjustments were a laborious, manual process. Because some of FPC’s maps are gigantic with hundreds of topics, updating the Value Driver Tree consumed a lot of effort. And because the hand-drawn maps had limited functionality, the best use of them was to print them out on large format paper, with the myriad of detail barely readable.

BigPicture gives First Principles Consulting a powerful toolset to make Value Driver Trees dynamic – automatically updating as source data changes – and flexible for presentations and demonstrations with clients.

“There has been a gap in the market for a tool that isn’t just a visual tool like a mind map, but has calculation powers behind it,” says Mark Franklin, owner and principal of First Principles Consulting. “We were pretty happy to find BigPicture.”

“The payback on BigPicture is a no-brainer,” adds Mullen. “Payback comes in less than a day.”

Read the full case study here to learn more.

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