Introduction to BigPicture FREE Webinar on 2nd September 2015

BigPicture is Palisade’s new mind mapping, diagramming, and data visualization add-in for Microsoft Excel. In this webcast, we will show you how BigPicture works, and how it can aid in strategic planning, human resource analysis, data exploration, and more. We will walk through the basics of setting up a BigPicture diagram (or “map”), and illustrate several real-world examples of different applications. After seeing how simple and flexible BigPicture is, you should be able to start trying it out on your own problems.

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Quantitative Maps in BigPicture: Video Tutorial

While BigPicture can be used for pure fun, like creating maps of your favorite sports’ tournaments, analyzing who’s overpaid in the NFL, or brainstorming about your next vacation–BigPicture can also be used for more serious and sophisticated applications.  For example, BigPicture can help you understand quantitative models through visual maps. This can be useful for professionals in management science and other quantitative fields.

BigPicture helps you show, in a visual manner, how a quantitative model translates variable  inputs into the bottom-line outputs.  To learn how to take advantage of this great technique, watch our step-by-step guide below:

Download BigPicture so you can start exploring all its features and capabilities.

Introduction to BigPicture Maps: A Video Tutorial

BigPicture makes it easy for you to create concept and mind maps right in Excel–but if you’ve never tried this method before, creating your first map can be a little daunting.  Check out our video tutorial below for a step-by-guide on how to create and customize concept maps in Excel using BigPicture:



If you haven’t done so already, make sure to download BigPicture for free so you can start exploring all its features and capabilities.

Edit your maps easily! Outline and Topic views in BigPicture for Excel (with video)

We’ve designed BigPicture to be a versatile tool, with many ways to solve a problem or design an infographic.  Our Outline and Topic view features are just one example of BigPicture’s versatility. They help you to manage your maps and diagrams–more specifically, they enable you to view, select, and modify all the topics and connectors of your map.  It’s a more efficient way to view the information in your map and to quickly make changes throughout the map.


Check out this step-by-step video tutorial on how to use them:

More information in the Help Manual:

Try BigPicture for free so you can start exploring all its features and capabilities!

Creating Slide Show Presentations of BigPicture Maps in Excel: Video Tutorial

BigPicture is an inherently visual tool.  We know that complex concepts and detailed data are that much easier for others to grasp if they are presented in a visual format, and BigPicture takes advantage of this.

Still, presenting a complex data map with many topics and connectors all at once may prove confusing for someone looking at your diagram for the first time. That’s why BigPicture has the Slide Show feature, enabling you to display your maps in a sequential, staged manner, and letting your audience join you on the step-by-step journey of the thought process.

To learn how to create a Slide Show presentation through BigPicture, check out our video tutorial below:



Introduction to “Live-Linked” Concept Maps: Video Tutorial

One of the best advantages of BigPicture is that its concept maps can contain topics that are ‘live-linked’ to data in your Excel spreadsheet.  This means you can perform simple or calculations in Excel and then create a map that has those calculations embedded within the topics.

This capability allows for endless applications and uses, making dry data and spreadsheets come to life with visual infographics that can be easily grasped.  To learn how to make a live-linked map, check out our step-by-step video tutorial below:

If you haven’t done so already, make sure to try BigPicture for free so you can start exploring all its features and capabilities.