Introduction to BigPicture FREE Webinar on 2nd September 2015

BigPicture is Palisade’s new mind mapping, diagramming, and data visualization add-in for Microsoft Excel. In this webcast, we will show you how BigPicture works, and how it can aid in strategic planning, human resource analysis, data exploration, and more. We will walk through the basics of setting up a BigPicture diagram (or “map”), and illustrate several real-world examples of different applications. After seeing how simple and flexible BigPicture is, you should be able to start trying it out on your own problems.

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Quantitative Maps in BigPicture: Video Tutorial

While BigPicture can be used for pure fun, like creating maps of your favorite sports’ tournaments, analyzing who’s overpaid in the NFL, or brainstorming about your next vacation–BigPicture can also be used for more serious and sophisticated applications.  For example, BigPicture can help you understand quantitative models through visual maps. This can be useful for professionals in management science and other quantitative fields.

BigPicture helps you show, in a visual manner, how a quantitative model translates variable  inputs into the bottom-line outputs.  To learn how to take advantage of this great technique, watch our step-by-step guide below:

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BigPicture Example Series: Using BigPicture for oil drilling decisions

BigPicture is a useful visual tool in illustrating drilling decisions if you are an oil company.  The purpose of this map is to help the decision maker understand the various aspects of a problem.

These include the inputs to the problem (monetary values and probability distributions), the decisions involved, any uncertainties, and important outputs. Each of these is represented by a topic (an object of some color and shape), and the topics are connected logically by arrows to show what affects what.

Normally, problems like this one are represented, and solved numerically, by decision trees, which can be created with the Palisade PrecisionTree add-in. However, a map like the one shown here is useful as a preliminary step to a formal decision tree. It lets decision makers see the important issues in the decision problem and how they are related.

By studying the map (and using the Topic Key at the top left), the elements of the problem should be fairly clear. However, if this isn’t enough, you can Play the slide show that accompanies the map. This shows how the decision process unfolds through time, and text boxes to the left of the map explain each slide in some detail.

Once you create the basic map with BigPicture’s tools, you can then use Excel’s Shape tools to reshape or recolor topics or connectors. For example, the Yes/No connectors in this map have been coloured dark red.

Screenshot 2015-08-19 11.33.08


For more information on BigPicture, or to download a copy visit our website.

BigPicture Example Series: Adding pictures to topics

In the BigPicture Example Series, we’ll show you different ways you can make BigPicture work for you.  You can check out all these example files with your copy of the BigPicture software, which you can download here. Get BigPicture today and start playing with these fun and informative example models. The possibilities are limitless.

BigPicture is an excellent tool for adding pictures to topics – pictures can add just the right personal touch to any data map or org chart.  Below are three ways to add pictures in BigPicture.

Add a picture inside a topic:

You can add a picture inside a topic via the Topic pane or via the BigPicture pop-up menu. Click on the Topic button in the View section of the BigPicture ribbon to display the Topic pane to the right of your workbook. Then click on the desired topic in the map to select it. Click on the Picture option in the Topic pane and click in the Include Picture checkbox. (Alternatively, you can right click on a topic and Add Picture.) After the default BigPicture image has appeared in the topic, right click on the image and chose Change Picture. Note: After a picture has been added to a topic you can change its properties via the Topic Pane.

Screenshot 2015-08-13 15.34.24


Add a Picture as a Marker on the Outside of a Topic:

Markers are smaller pictures that are displayed just outside the Topic. Markers are selected from lists of related markers, like Countries, Numbers, or Progress. BigPicture comes with a set of pre-defined markers you can use. To access these pre-defined markers, click on the Topic button in the View section of the BigPicture ribbon to display the Topic pane. Then click on the desired topic in the map to select it. Click on the Markers option in the Topic pane. Next to the desired marker list, click in the Marker column and use the dropdown list to select a marker. (Alternatively, you can right click a topic and select Markers from the BigPicture pop-up menu to see the available marker lists and markers you can add.) In this example we chose 2 markers from the Smiley category.

Screenshot 2015-08-13 15.32.20


Add a Picture to Represent a Topic:

To give a little more whimsical look and feel to your Topics, you can make the Topic appear as an image itself vs. an image within the Topic. Right click and choose the Excel “Fill” option (Format Shape > Picture or Texture Fill option in Excel 2010). Then browse for a picture that you would like to use. Note: In Excel 2013 there is also an option to search the internet for royalty free images.


Screenshot 2015-08-13 15.33.05


For more information on BigPicture visit our website.





Intro to BigPicture FREE Webinar August 21st

Get insights into Palisade’s powerful new mind mapping and data exploration tool on this free webinar.  In this webcast, you’ll see how BigPicture works, and how it can aid in strategic planning, human resource analysis, data exploration and more.  We will walk through the basis of setting up a BigPicture diagram (or map) and illustrate several real-world examples of different applications.

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BigPicture gets seal of approval from business resource site BOSS Academy

boss academy

Paul Kirch, founder of BOSS Academy and host of its BOSS Academy Radio recently interviewed our very own Randy Heffernan and Michelle Jackson, to get insights into the value to businesses of Excel-based mind mapping tool BigPicture. The interview takes you through the key elements of why mind mapping is a powerful visual tool for business users across all aspects of the business be that HR, Marketing or Finance.  An accessible tool, with strong capabilities that offer a digital mind map that allows for constant updates for project management, Randy and Michelle talk through which functionalities of BigPicture resonate most with today’s business user or Entrepreneur.

A powerful product..” says Paul Kirch.

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BigPicture available to purchase at special introductory price!


BigPicture is now available for purchase!

Special introductory price!

Palisade is pleased to introduce BigPicture, the diagramming and data mapping software add-in for Microsoft Excel. With BigPicture, you can create mind maps to organize thoughts and ideas, create dynamic data maps from any type of spreadsheet data, or explore your options with strategic maps. You can even create automatic organizational charts from your personnel data.

BigPicture takes advantage of the fact that humans are visual animals and we tend grasp complicated information at a glance when presented as a “picture” – or as a BigPicture diagram.

For 30 years, Palisade software tools have been helping decision-makers gain powerful insights in their spreadsheets; now, BigPicture adds a new, visual diagramming platform to your decision-making toolbox. BigPicture is available stand-alone, but is also integrated with Palisade’s DecisionTools Suite v7 to visually enhance decision analyses.

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