BigPicture Example Series: Calculating Travel Costs

In the BigPicture Example Series, we’ll show you different ways you can make BigPicture work for you.  All these examples come with your copy of the BigPicture software, which you can download here. Get BigPicture today and start playing with these fun and informative example models. The possibilities are limitless!

Calculating Travel Costs:

This example illustrates how a set of numeric calculations can be used to create a “live” map. The Data sheet contains input data (in blue cells) and calculations for a European trip.

travel cost data sheet

The map on the next sheet then contains topics that link to cells on the Data sheet. Actually, each topic links to multiple cells on the Data sheet, a feature implemented in BigPicture. The map is “live” in the sense that if any of the input data in the blue cells change, the data in the map update automatically.

travel cost map

Check out the full example model in BigPicture’s ‘Example Spreadsheets’ section under the Help menu:

BP example files location