NFL Free Agency: Use BigPicture’s Data Map to see who was Overpaid Last Year

Wilfork to the Texans, Vareen to the Giants, Revis back to the Jets, Jimmy Graham to Seattle, Byron Maxwell to the Eagles…with free agency in full swing, football fever is still abuzz for the SuperBowl XLIX contenders!  With that being said we thought we would take another look at the NFL-inspired BigPicture map–not only does it give a visual overview of every NFL player’s team, position, and salary for the 2014 season, but also their Madden rating.


Madden Ratings are simply ratings of the overall performance of individual NFL players and are used internally in the video game Madden NFL. They help control how individual players perform in the video game, and are updated regularly by EASports, the game publisher. In general, the ratings range from 60-99, with a varying number of players from different teams at each rating value. Players with the rating 99 are the best performing players in the NFL.


This information can be handy when evaluating if a player is over- or underpaid, according to their performance: the supporting formulas on the worksheet NFL 2014 calculate the league-wide average salary for players at each Madden rating value. The formulas in the column Over Paid By simply calculate the difference between a player’s actual salary and the average salary for all NFL players at his Madden rating.

Thus, if you look at the BigPicture Example File for Data Map –NFL Salaries, you can see that the Patriot’s Malcom Butler was considered underpaid by $33,491 with a salary of $420,000  at the beginning of the year when he had a placeholder Madden value of 62.5 because he was an undrafted rookie free-agent. However, if you update his Madden rating to a 77 to reflect his rating after his game-sealing interception, it shows that he is considered underpaid by $1.3 million! Good thing Tom Brady gave him the truck!


With the flurry of changes to NFL rosters this week, we will be looking forward to seeing how the Madden ratings are affected and who is considered overpaid/underpaid in the upcoming 2015 season!

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