What’s New in BigPicture? Easily Move and Reconnect Topics

The BigPicture development team is always working to improve our software, which means regular updates.  Here’s a sample of what we’ve added to our latest deployment of BigPicture Beta on March 30, 2015:

Easily move and reconnect topics

Good news–our developers have added some functionality to make it easier to move topics and connections in non-auto generated maps.

If you hold the left-mouse button down on a topic for a bit, BigPicture will go into a mode that allows you to move the topic (and optionally, its children) and connect to a different topic. You’ll see the topic temporarily change color when it’s in this mode. Then, when moving topics around with the mouse down, the red square highlights the closest available connection point on other topics. When you release the mouse, it connects to that red square connection site.

You can move and reconnect more than one topic at a time:

Hold the <SHIFT> key down while clicking on the various topics that you would like to reconnect elsewhere. After you have all of the topics selected, hold the left-mouse button down on one of the selected topics and move/reconnect it as you would with just a single topic.

If you would like to move and reconnect a group of topics that is made up of a parent topic and corresponding children topics,  see this blog post.

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